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Noah's Ark Toddlers and Babies group

What Happens?

The morning begins at 10am and for the first forty-five minutes there is free play and a craft activity available for you to enjoy with your little one.

At approximately 10.45am we clear the tables and all have a drink and a snack. During this time we encourage all the children to sit at the table, this develops their own 'table skills' and makes a big difference to our tidying up at the end too!

After our well earned break and a little more playing and chatting, everybody helps to put the smaller toys back in the appropriate boxes and the larger ones out in the foyer for the helpers to put away.

Then we all sit down together for a song and a story. All the children are welcome to stay for this part of the session and it works best if everyone joins in with the stories and discussion. Keeping the children's attention during this time can be quite difficult so please don't chat or plan to leave half way through, but do feel free to heckle and encourage whoever is leading the session!

We usually finish with a short musical instrument time, (which the children love!!) just before 11.30am. Then we are all ready for home and lunch.

Who runs the group? How and why?

Noah's Ark is run by the Christians from Duncan Road Church, they are all volunteers and will appreciate any encouragement and help you can give them! You will get regular invites to Church activities and some of the songs and stories used will be Christian based.

If you would like to know more about what goes on at our Church or about what we believe, please feel free to talk to one of the helpers, (they should all be wearing badges) or to come along to one of the other weekly groups or meetings, you will be very welcome.

People from the church help to set up and put away the equipment each week, and they also help to finance the group. We believe that families, in whatever shape they come, are important to God and this is one way that we can help and encourage you in your tough job of child rearing!

On a Thursday morning we aim to provide a safe, caring, fun-filled environment for your children to play in, and enough calm for you to enjoy a chat and relax, however, please remember that you are still fully responsible for the children you bring along, although we will try to help in any way we can.

If you have any comments or ideas we would love to hear them and we hope that you really enjoy Noah's Ark and that you find it a friendly and comfortable place to come because you really are very welcome!

Please contact us for more information.