All Age Service

The All Age Service takes place every Sunday morning at 10.30am.
Halfway through the service the under 12’s go upstairs to ‘Discovery’ Club or ‘Digging Deeper’ Club.

Acts of the Apostles – Christians On the Move (5)

January 22nd:
The end and the beginning
Acts chapter 28 verses 23-31
Speaker: Gordon Curley

Leviticus – “and God called” (2)

29th January
Leviticus chapter 8 – Anointed for service
Speaker: Gordon Curley

5th February
Leviticus 9 – Encountering God
Speaker: Andy Godfrey

12th February
Leviticus 10 – Living by the Law
Speaker: David McCann

19th February
Leviticus 11 to 15 Clean and unclean
Speaker: Steve King

26th February
Leviticus 16 – Entering the holy place
Speaker: Neil Maddock

The Incomparable Christ (Apologetic series)

5th March
The uniqueness of Jesus? (overview)
John chapter 5 verses 16-45
Speaker: Gordon Curley

12th March
The miracles of Jesus (overview)
Seven miracle signs highlighted in John
Speaker: Gordon Curley

19th March
The teaching of Jesus (overview)
The seven “I Am” statements in John
Speaker: Gordon Curley

26th March
The prayer life of Jesus (overview)
John chapter 17 verses 1-25
Speaker: Gordon Curley

2nd April Easter Palm Sunday
The death of Jesus? (overview)
John chapter 19 verses 16b-37
Speaker: Ian Carr

9th April Easter Sunday
The resurrection of Jesus? (overview)
John chapter 20 verses 1-18
Speaker: Gordon Curley

16th April Easter holidays
The story of Jesus continues (His Ascension – overview)
Speaker: David McNeish (TBC)