All Age Service

The All Age Service takes place every Sunday morning at 10.30am.
Halfway through the service the under 12’s go upstairs to ‘Discovery’ Club or ‘Digging Deeper’ Club.

JUDE: Fighting Truth Decay

January 5th:
What Is a Christian?
Jude 1:1-2

January 12th:
Defending the Faith
Jude 1:3-4

January 19th:
The Contradiction of Ungodliness
Jude 1:5-16

January 26th:
Remembering, Building, Showing Mercy
Jude 1:17-23

February 2nd:
Blessing God
Jude 1:24-25

THE GLO TEAM (Gospel Literature Outreach):

February 9th: GLO Team – Free Subject
February 16th: GLO Team – Free Subject

Luke Comes Alive (Part 3)

February 23rd:
A Question About John The Baptist
Luke chapter 20 verses 1-19

March 1st:
A Question about Caesar, Moses & David
Luke chapter 20 verses 20-44

March 8th:
Questions About The Future
Luke chapter 21 verses 1-38

March 15th:
In The Upper Room – Preparation & Revelation
Luke chapter 22 verses 1-23

March 22nd:
The Darkest Of All Nights – Jesus Prays
Luke chapter 22 verses 29-46

March 29th:
The Darkest Of All Nights – Deceitful Judas & Fearful Peter
Luke chapter 22 verses 29-62

April 5th:
Trial & Crucifixion
Luke chapter 22 vs 63 – chapter 23 vs 43

April 12th:
Jesus’ Death, Burial & Resurrection
Luke chapter 23 verses 44-56 – chapter 24 verses 1-12

April 19th:
On The Road To Emmaus
Luke chapter 24 verses 13-35

April 26th:
Jesus Appears To The Disciples
Luke chapter 24 verses 36-49

3rd May:
The Ascension
Luke chapter 24 verses 50-53