All Age Service

The All Age Service takes place every Sunday morning at 10.30am.
Halfway through the service the under 12’s go upstairs to ‘Discovery’ Club or ‘Digging Deeper’ Club.


September 1st:
“Do You Fear God For Nothing?”
Job chapter 1 verses 1-11

September 8th:
“Better Off Dead”
Job chapter 3 verses 20-26

September 15th:
“When Friends Fail”
Job chapter 8 verses 1-9

September 22nd:
“There’s Always Hope”
Job chapter 14 verses 13-17

September 29th:
Harvest Service

October 6th:
“Worm Theology”
Job chapter 25 verses 4-6

October 13th:
“Digging Deeper”
Job chapter 28 verses 1-13

October 20th:
Job chapter 31 verses 1-13

October 27th:
“Wisdom of youth”
Job chapter 32 verses 1-12

November 3rd:
“Out of the Whirlwind”
Job chapter 38 verses 1-14