All Age Service

The All Age Service takes place every Sunday morning at 10.30am.
Halfway through the service those children 4 to 12 go upstairs to ‘Explorers’ Club.


26th Nov 2023
Isaiah chapter 11
War and peace
Speaker: Gordon Curley

3rd Dec 2023
Isaiah chapter 12
A song of salvation
Speaker: David McNeish


10th Dec 2023
Matthew chapter 1 verses 1-17
The king’s ancestry
Speaker: Len Holder

17th Dec 2023
Matthew chapter 1 verses 18-25
The king’s arrival
Speaker: Josh Williamson

24th Dec 2023
The King’s birthday!
Speaker: Gordon Curley

25th Dec 2023
Matthew chapter 2 verses 1-12
The king’s adoration
Speaker: Gordon Curley

31st Dec 2023
Matthew chapter 2 verses 13-23
The king’s anticipation
Speaker: TBC

The Church: Purpose, Profile & Priorities

January 7th:
Essentials we can’t do without!
2 Timothy chapter 2 verses 1-7
Speaker: Gordon Curley

January 14th:
The WIFE, very Church should marry.
Acts chapter 2 verses 41-47
Speaker: Gordon Curley

January 21st:
Koinonia: authentic fellowship.
Acts chapter 2 verses 42-47
Speaker: Gordon Curley

January 28th:
Finding your place in the body.
1 Corinthians chapter 12 verses 12-27
Speaker: Gordon Curley